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The Obama campaign is going to get tough, adjustments are being made, sharper ads drawn up, etc. I’m not yet impressed. Also note that Gallup shows this regarding Congressional elections: "the Democrats now leading the Republicans by just 3 percentage points, 48% to 45%, in voters’ ’generic ballot’ preferences for Congress. This is down from consistent double-digit Democratic leads seen on this measure over the past year." Also, Congressional Democrats are beginning to publicly worry, and are thinkings of ways to distance themselves from the Obama campaign. Note the reference to a "growing sense of doom."

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Did anyone else catch the exchange between McCain and Obama during last nights forum? It appeared to me as though McCain was trying to lightly embrace his opponent when Obama shook hands and kept him at a distance. It seemed in that instant that Obama looked very ticked off and a handshake was the best he could do from taking a swing at the Maverick. I have had a couple of conversations in the past couple of days with people who have commented that Obama looks worn out and tired -maybe even to the breaking point.

Fellas, the Dems have been down that path before, now haven't they.

Dukakis enjoyed a significant lead. Gore should have won the election. Kerry too, for he was in command in the polls, but let it all slip away, making bizarre pronouncements like America has "to pass a global test."

For Carter to win, he needed WATERGATE, Ford's pardon of Nixon and on top of that, he needed the help of Ford's DISASTROUS performance in the debate. And with all of that, he only narrowly eked out a victory in 1976.

Clinton enjoyed the firstfruits of a political euphoria following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Other than those two instances, ---------- the Dems have lost ever single time since the insanity of Chicago, '68.

The point in reminding you guys of things you all well know is to impress upon you how DEEPLY defeatism has been ingrained into Democrats.

They had no business selecting Obama. They should have told him to stay in the Senate for 8 years, make himself an expert on several issues, stay away from Wright and other corrupt figures in Chicago, and then run when you're in your 50s. Then he would probably have won.

But now he's going to lose this election. Democrats will be livid with him, AS THEY SHOULD BE, and he'll never get the nomination again.

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, Obama has expanded his lead in Ohio over McCain, 49-44%.

Somebody's been taking too many bong hits.


A certain politician, who has been getting carried by the media, has ALREADY blown his election chances sky-high, and hasn't much of a prayer of piecing his hopes togther at this late date.

And just about EVERY single Democrat insider has already concluded as much, and the fall-out is just beginning.

Ohio polls? Former Ohio Republican is grasping on to the one little poll that gives him a shred of some hope . . . how about this one? For the record, I don't believe either one of them. I think it's probably closer to dead even. But dead even is not where your guy needs to be. It won't be where he stays, either.

Rasmussen and Univ of Cinci have McCain up by 7 and 4 points in Ohio.

Former Ohio Republican, now terrorist sympathizer.

The question isn't whether we're going to take The Buckeye State. The question now is whether or not we'll take The Keystone State, {Pennsylvania}.

Don't know if you guys have picked up on it or not, but we're closing the race in The Empire State and The Garden State {New York and New Jersey}. Now we're not going to take New York, absent a complete meltdown of Obama, {which is not unlikely by the way...}, but the fact that we're closing in those states has got to be causing utter panic in Democrat ranks.

I have an invitation to man phone banks here in California sitting on my desk . . . generally, I shun Quixotic causes in favor of doing good in the more concrete things where my impact can actually make a difference on a Saturday morning . . . things like attending my son's baseball game and cheering him on to victory. But California's only got a 9 pt. gap right now between McCain and Obama . . . still going to the baseball game but not yet throwing out the invitation . . .

I say we send former ohio republican to a fema detention center.

Kerry too, for he was in command in the polls, but let it all slip away, making bizarre pronouncements like America has "to pass a global test."

What about this bizarre pronouncement,

George Herbert Walker Bush: "What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea - a new world achieve the universal aspirations of mankind...based on shared principles and the rule of law...The illumination of a thousand points of light...The winds of change are with us now."

BRUTUS, your choice of analogy is somewhat clumsy.

Your mockery falls flat.

Try again.

By the way, are you related to that other Roman who frequents these parts, STERTINIUS?

Julie Ponzi misses the important point that a vote in California helps as much as one in Ohio in determining the winner of the popular vote. For political reasons, it is important for the president to have won the popular vote. A nine-point deficit for McCain in California is meaningless. There is absolutely no chance he will win the state. It is entirely "quixotic" to hope for a win in California. But that's irrelevant. Votes here still matter because they add to McCain's national vote total. If you don't like to volunteer in elections, just admit it. But don't call it "quixotic." People who can't give up one baseball game in order to serve their country probably shouldn't be complaining too loudly about the disasters of an Obama administration. And make my words, it will be disastrous if it happens.

No, I was glad to see another on here though and the sight of him made me want to post more. Do you know what the two have in common outside of being Roman?

Former Ohio Republican is a former Republican in the same sense that Lincoln Chafee is.

His Ohio-ness is none too certain either.

What about this bizarre pronouncement, George Herbert Walker Bush:

Somebody here is living in the past. When you say that you are a former Republican, just how far back are you going? When did you leave? 1956?

Do you know what the two have in common outside of being Roman?

Stertinius is a pretentious and long-winded bore. He's also an idiotic left-winger. (But I repeat myself.) You might want to think more than twice before expressing your solidarity with him.

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