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Gallup Daily tracking

shows that John McCain has moved ahead by three points, 48%-45. "These results are based on Sept. 4-6 interviewing, and include two full days of polling after the conclusion of the Republican National Convention last Thursday night. McCain has outpolled Obama on both Friday and Saturday, and is receiving a convention bounce just as Obama did last week."

Also note that this front-page New York Times article should be read very carefully--read what is there and what is alluded to and think about what is not there. Hint: "...even as the Democrats pull back ads in Georgia, a reliably Republican state he had sought to put in play by investing heavily in registering new Democratic voters." And there are more signs in the article of Democratic apprehension.

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Obama shut down ads two weeks ago in a bunch ofstates where he claimed he was going to compete. Of course these changes were temporary...right. Things were looking great, got off message a bit with Palin's introduction, but now back to work with the enthusiasm boost from Palin and convention. Huge turnout in Colorado Springs yesterday.

PWS, the Obama campaign revealed the weakness of their hand by the first place they chose to go after their Convention. They didn't travel to reliably Republican states, they needed to go to Pennsylvania, a state they've carried the last several Presidential cycles.

If Democrats have to campaign in Pennsylvania, if they have to spend millions running television ads in the Philadelphia media market, {as he's already doing} ----------- that's saying that Obama has significant probs in Pennsylvania, [a state Hillary carried by 10, AND a state that Obama ran CONSTANT ads in during that primary, Hillary didn't run nearly the amount of ads that Obama did in that primary contest].

Obama's brush-beaters told us he was going to put states in play that Democrats have written off of late. That's not the case. Supposedly Hillary is getting sent to Florida. Why? Obama isn't going to carry Florida, and that we can say as much so early in the campaign season tells us that McCain is playing on Obama's states, not Obama on McCain's. Compare that to Bill Clinton in '92 and '96, when Clinton was out there trying to cushion his victory by taking additional Republican states.

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