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I was going to comment on that same Gallup poll, but Peter beat me to it. Thoughts: The person with the momentum coming out of Labor Day usually (not always) wins. I also think Obama will struggle if he has to come from behind. Part of his magic has been his front-runner status. I look for them to start making mistakes. I head Obama manager Axelrod on Fox News this morning. Not impressive. Seemed to be straining too hard. Talking points pretty tired out by now.

Letterman had a good gag about Palin: "So, a Vice President who likes guns and hunting. What could go wrong here?"

UPDATE: NLT reader "Watchman" offered a comment that deserves to be moved here: "Cheney hunted birds; Palin hunts moose. When she shoots a lawyer, he’ll stay down! "

My own (lame) contribution: I typically describe myself as having a receded (not receding) hairline. Joe Biden? He has a re-seeded hairline too.

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Obama has two arrows in his quiver.

1} Racist accusations against his opponents, and

2} Linking his opponents to a very unpopular George Walker Bush.

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but Obama is already running television ads with nothing but video images of GW meeting McCain, shaking McCain's hand, walking through doors with McCain, having an arm on McCain's shoulder. The point of the ad of course is if you hate Bush, vote against McCain. These ads were running today during the Philadelphia Eagle game against the pathetic Rams, as well as later in the afternoon, when the team that's going to The Super Bowl, the Dallas Cowboys, handled the Cleveland Browns.

This worked in Pennsylvania for Casey, when he went on to defeat Santorum.

I hope that McCain's campaign team has a response that is equally hard-hitting. Because Santorum didn't, and he's now watching events along the sidelines.

Best Palin hunting line I've seen was at Confederate Yankee.

Cheny hunted birds; Palin hunts moose. When she shoots a lawyer, he'll stay down!

Bullwinkles for Palin!

I bet they try the racist line on Palin (Alaska and Idaho having few blacks).

The McCain supporter counter should be that Obama's election, on the premises they are spreading, would be tantamount to abolition of the First Amendment. If you can't criticize candidate Obama without fear of drawing accusations of racism, what would happen once he got in power? This ncountry would be turned into Canada (see Benchmemos for the indispensable Matt Franck's comments on free speech in Maple Fig Leaf Land).

Yes, Ken, they'll try it. But Todd is part Eskimo. Not the same thing, I realize, but it does rather make the charge of "racist" look a bit ridiculous on its face.

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