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In keeping with my long-running theme that it is hard to tell the difference between satire and "news," herewith a headline:

As Times Turn Tough,
New York’s Wealthy Economize;
Plastic Surgeons, Jewelers, Yacht Builders
Brace for Leaner Times; Saying No to Caviar

So, it is from The Onion or the Wall Street Journal?

Answer here.

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This president has long since reached the point where satire and bleak reality are indistinguishable. About the only thing left about visiting this blog is waiting for the NLT regulars (and the 24 percenters) to admit that Bush's has been the worst, unluckiest, dumbest presidency in history. I wonder what more it would take to seal that deal. Maybe "W" involved in a sex scandal. Maybe a meteor hits the White House. Then all that will be left would be to go back into this blog's archives and see all the nonsense supporting this fool, this truly, spectacularly pestilential fool, turn our country into a broken vessel. No elementary schools will be named after him, only sewers. My god even the letter "W" will be recalled from the alphabet. Entire industries will arise to villify him for decades.

For a great example, see above.

It's also hard to tell the difference between "ren" and some computer program which automatically generates assorted sentences regarding Bush.

Satire, news or just good old fashioned dismal science being borne out?

Instead of writting something that a joker such as myself could make up on the fly, why doesn't the wall street journal make available the elasticity of demand curves for a wide variety of products both luxury and otherwise?

In other words contra #3, I want some computer generated/SAS analysis.

&%$#@!! My Teamsters pension fund invests in caviar futures!

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