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McCain to Debate

...or it looks that way now. His maverick stand--combined with his decision that it’s safe now to travel to Old Miss--certainly didn’t hurt him and seems to be turning out to be more prudent than it first appeared (to me).

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Not to mention he can reference Obama's need for three straight days of cramming for the debate.

If I was advising him, that's what I would have him zero in on right out of the gate. Have him look right over at Obama, look him up and down, and ask if he's got all his talking points ready.

Obama loses his cool fast, and he can rattle easily.

Think of it as an early blitz package, where the defense gets to the QB and knocks him down in the first couple series, letting him know that it's going to be a very long afternoon.

The bailout seems to be in chaos. The Brit Hume show just said that there is no deal and that the summit meeting that McCain suggested was "contentious". Earlier the reporting was that there was a "broad outline" of a deal. The reality is that none of us know. Everything we are hearing is posturing and selective leaking. McCain seems to have won a news cycle by his gesture. I'm happy that the public does not seem to have responded as cynically to McCain's gesture as I did.

I don't think McCain gets any points for skipping the debate tomorrow if there is no deal. McCain is now at the mercy of members of Congress with their own agendas. On the one hand, Democrats have no reason to help McCain "unsuspend" his campaign by passing a bailout. On the other hand, if no bailout passes and the credit markets seize up totally, the Democrats aren't going to want to take the blame for nobody being able to get mortgages, car loans, or credit cards. Anyway, McCain has managed to get the talk away from the details of the bailout (which hardly anyone understands) and toward exhortations for Compromise and Bipartisanship for America and he is comfortable with that style of rhetoric.

PETE, we're talking over a trillion bucks, ------------ and they're trying to throw together some legislation within days.

I bet it's chaotic, which is why McCain is right to be up on Capitol Hill.

McCain should come out and announce the debate is on, and send Governor Palin in his place.

That would put Obama on the spot.

His campaign staff would be conflicted on what to do. Some would be advising Obama to get in there and take Governor Palin to the woodshed. Others would be leery of the potential that Governor Palin might come off better than him.

And on top of it all, ---------- if he bails on sparring with Governor Palin, ---------- that would enable Governor Palin to say on the trail, that Obama wanted a debate, insisted on a debate, refused a mere delay of several days, ---------- but then when confronted with me, he took off running.

Have Governor Palin go.

Dan, having McCain offer to send Palin as a ringer would be interesting, but I think it would overtax the public's tolerance for McCain creativity.

I'm interested in the alternative bailout proposal by the House Republicans (as described over at National Review's The Corner). It looks less directly costly to the taxpayer, would give the government less direct control over the economy, and is pro taxpayer while not directly subsidizing Big Business. I don't know if it "works" as a matter of economics but it sure sounds good. What is more encouraging is that House Republican leader John Boehner (who has shown more imagination and spine than I would have guessed) is listening to the House Young Turk Republicans like Eric Cantor. That is a very good sign for the future. Even if the House Republican plan is not adopted, its encouraging that the House Republicans are showing signs of mental life. If it is good economics (a big if), McCain might be smart to take up the proposal as his own and fight Bush, Obama, and whoever on behalf of the taxpayers and responsible Americans who are footing the bill for this mess.

PETE, depends if it was entertaining.

The public isn't getting taxed by McCain's "creativity," ------------ and not to mention there is still a great interest in Governor Palin. It would be a perfect opportunity to contrast what she's DONE to what Obama's merely chirped about.

McCain ought to come out tomorrow night, up on The Hill, tie loosened, briefly explain himself, briefly note how his presence is criticial, but that Governor Palin can handle Obama, and that SINCE OBAMA insisted on "a debate," ------------- then a debate is what he'll have.

But with Governor Palin.

I think at the beginning of the week I said it would be "interesting" watching how McCain responds to the negative ads, his numbers dropping and on top of it all, a financial meltdown.

Well, the fighter pilot responded boldly, deftly, and has emerged with something of a slight lead in the polls, ALL IN LESS THAN A WEEK.

There is one thing that none can dispute. And that is that McCAIN is in the absolute center of his campaign, as well as in absolute command thereof. His campaign is a reflection of the Naval Aviator in action.

Contrast that to Obama, who seems more to be a bystander, who constantly refers people, like some usher or something, to his staff for answers. It appears the Obama campaign organization has a candidate, rather than Obama having a campaign team around him, heeding his directions.

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