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Obama Too Fey, If You Ask Me

Okay, so Tina Fey does a killer Sarah Palin imitation (scroll down for the video), and is a dead ringer for the Alaska governor. I’ll bet I can guess who Fey wants to win, if only for her career possibilities. After all, Dana Carvey’s imitation of Bush 1 helped put him on the map. The Secret Service may want to use Fey as a body double. Maybe Fey can make the reality show version of the movie "Dave."

More interesting is Obama’s decision to cancel his scheduled appearance on the show. The campaign said it was out of deference to the victims of Hurricane Ike in Texas, and this certainly has some plausibility now that weather events have been nationalized and are now an excuse for bathos. But I wonder if this was just a convenient excuse to reverse what the campaign thought might be a bad decision to appear in the first place. An SNL appearance would play into the hands of the McCain attack on Obama’s celebrity status. Another sign, perhaps, that Obama’s campaign is rattled.

UPDATE: Check out Chevy Chase making an ass of himself talking about Palin and the cosmic significance of comedy. He should stick to ball bearings (if anyone gets the reference).

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Oy Fey!

Steve . . . this is the wittiest title for a post yet (and certainly more funny than the SNL skit!)

You're right, Steve, it's all ball bearings these days!

A better epithet is: "All-Talk Barack." People don't know that Obama is Machiavellian unless they've already noticed this on their own. Therefore, a moniker does little to advance that theme. People do sense, however, that the little punk is very big on talk. That can be turned into a real minus. Another good point to stress heavily is that Obama is a sissy. His lack of manliness is readily apparent, and we should run that one into the ground. Couple it with Michelle's mean, b--- busting personality and you've got him good.

Mr. Hayward, I find your tone here to be rather interesting, when writing of Obama and Hurricane Ike - "now that weather events have been nationalized and are now an excuse for bathos."

I'm assuming that, like me, you're nauseated by such bathos, but I have to wonder what your problem is with "weather events" being nationalized. If the sense of "United We Stand" was so strong after 9/11, why should the unity, the idea that we're all in this together be cast aside when a hurricane harms our fellow Americans? Did you object to all of the post-9/11 bathos, which continues to this day in various forms? It's true that a natural disaster is different from a terrorist attack, no doubt, but whether a house is damaged or destroyed by an act of one's own God or a terrorist, the end result is a man or family without a house. Both are disasters.

If you want to see some Grade-A bathos, let me pack up and send you my now-departed grandmother's closetful of 9/11-related memorabilia and nick-nacks - the Franklin Mint plates, the military cherubs, and the wide-eyed toddler boys dressed as World Trade Center heroes. Talk about a nationalized disaster - my grandmother was born, raised, and died in southern Illinois, and she knew nobody who either lived in the 3 zones hit on 9/11, nor anyone who lost life or property on that day.

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