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Jim Geraghty posts a history of Obama’s subtle and less-than-subtle sexist remarks aimed at Hillary in the primaries (plus the "sweetie" incident I had forgotten) that cumulatively suggest that maybe the guy really is a . . . pig.

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The guy meant it Steve.

It was calculated.

The whole Dem party was ready to riff off of it.

And it's completely consistent with his previous track record, despite all the airy abstracting about a "post-partisian" discourse.

He meant it.

The audience knew he meant it.

The media, in the tank, even most of them felt obliged to report, that yes, he did mean it.

And now Americans need to assess a guy who dropped such crudisms on the campaign trail.

I had forgotten about the "sweetie" thing too . . . ooooh. THAT was a gaffe on his part . . . I remember it now. It may add another dimension to this story. Still, Dan, under your first post on the topic, makes the best case for this being a pre-meditated thing. I am still not persuaded but the good news is that it probably doesn't matter what the take-away is on whether he meant it or he didn't. Reasonable people can disagree about whether he meant it or not. The effect of him not apologizing for it and choosing to argue about it will be the same: bad for him.

But the very good news is that if Barack Obama meant everything that was implied in his "sweetie" comment then he is in the habit of underestimating female opponents. When I'm confronted with a male adversary given to calling me names like "sweetie" and so forth I am delighted by it because it means that the guy is weak in his arguments. Guys like that are the kind of guys Sarah Palin sprinkles on her Wheaties.

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