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Palin in Florida

Palin drew a crowd of 60,000 The Villages yesterday; the largest GOP crowd thus far. I drew 250 when I gave a talk there in February, and was impressed (with myself). Also note this out of California.

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Funny, love this post.

Anyway did you see the new penny designs for the bicentiel of Lincoln's birth?

Thanks for that, Clint. I liked all the designs except, perhaps, for the unfinished Capitol building which seemed rather random and uninspired to me unless it was supposed to be a kind of metaphor for the unfinished Revolution . . . but I doubt that it was meant to be so deep.

As to the California story I will say that I have had the unusual circumstance (after living through 4 Presidential elections out here) of having requests from my friends and neighbors (numbering as many as 4 in a week) for information about where to obtain McCain-Palin signs and bumper stickers. I don't recall ever being asked--not even once--in any of the previous elections.

I was also amused by the mention of campaigners carpet-bagging it if they live in a Totally Blue state, like California. The thought had crossed my mind that one could do more good in Ohio or Nevada (to say nothing of Colorado!) if one was a Republican living in California. But it had not occurred to me that the same strategy might appeal to Democrats who feel they're only preaching to the choir here . . . Interesting. While I don't think they'll actually lose California this election, I'm not sure if that's the wisest strategy for Democrats. One is tempted to indulge in a beautiful fantasy of California Dems moving into Nevada and neglecting the home front only to gain 5 electoral votes and lose all of California's . . . Not likely . . . but it would be so delicious. Even so, I think Palin's brand of Western Conservatism is more likely to have a broader appeal in Nevada than is Obama's sucking up to the Service Employee Union that staffs the casinos. It could also be the case in Colorado . . . though CO suffers from a huge importation of California exiles.

So, as long as those senile retirees can hang on for a few more weeks, they might be able to deliver Florida to the Palin-McCain ticket!

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