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Peggy Noonan on Republican Narrative

Does she really want to say that we "don’t do narrative" now? Of course, it’s only fair to say--and she should remember--that one of the primary reasons we can do it so well (now) is that we’ve learned so much about how to do it from none other than Ms. Noonan herself.

Peter Lawler’s right. This is populism of the best sort or, might we say, populism rightly understood?

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Really, Noonan has nerve complaining about Republican narratives.

I must be alone in having hoped for something more from Palin. wished for something else from her speech. I aid somewhere below, she probably had to do what she did. Palin had to introduce herself and her family to he nation on her own terms. After the last few days, she had to come on strongly about herself and about McCain being right, not just about the direction of the country, but about her. She had to prove herself a capable politician. She did it.

I would have liked to hear something of the statesman in her speech. The speech was right for the time and place, but it was NOT a speech I would look to read again.

Of course, there is plenty of time, and I think she bought herself that time last night. She can yet give the speech(es) that will make me love and respect her. I (sorry) didn't get that from the Palin story last night. Yet, I am happy about what she did and I truly am happy about her. She changes the narrative, and that is very good.

Has anyone seen this website yet?:

It's REALLY cool. Take real, professional poll questions and allows visitors to answer and see where they agree/disagree with Obama. Also show where the rest of America stands via real, professional polling results.

Just thought I'd throw it out there. It's a real eye-opener.

Fairfax, VA

Noonan is actually taken completely out of context. The clip that has been going around misses the point, because a big chunk of the surrounding discussion is not there.

I read her defense of herself at NRO. It was in the defense of herself that she made this point--as I presented it--even more clear. She's been taken out of context as claiming that McCain can't win. But she certainly did say that Republicans make a mistake when they try to do narrative. But I think Reagan did well to do it with her help just as Palin will do well to continue doing it with or without her help.

Peggy Noonan has gotten more mileage out of three words, "kinder, gentler America," than any other speechwriter in history. She may be the first presidential speechwriter to reveal, even before her candidate spoke the words, that she had written them.

Peggy Noonan is Joe Biden, except Peggy can write her own gaffes.

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