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Podhoretz Urges Calm

Calm down, says John Podhoretz. But he’s not urging calm for the economic storm as you might suspect. Instead, he’s launched a salvo against all those pundits (right and left) who think every day in this (oh, so dreadfully long!) campaign brings with it some earth-shattering and election altering news. In other words, we’ve got awhile before the credits roll. Sit back and eat your popcorn, the movie’s not over yet.

Except for what he says about baseball "not mattering all that much" (thus explaining why we don’t suspend campaigns for the World Series anymore) I think he’s dead right.

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What a great article! I, for one, ran out of “campaign stamina” ages ago.

If anything in our government is screaming for real change and reform, it’s our election process. One thing that gives me the giggles is how (Vote “Present”) Obama keeps saying he can do “two things at once.” I am still waiting for him to do ONE thing – besides campaign, I mean.

Anyone care to respond to Kathleen Parker's Palin column posted today on NRO?

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