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Sarah and Israel

...she wears the Israeli flag, and Israeli journalists are already reporting that they know a good friend when they see one. Once again, there’s no question where her heart is. Contrary to instant-analysis allegations, she didn’t even support Buchanan. She was just being polite (that’s ok?) when Pat came to town. (Thanks to Ivan the K.)

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The New York Times devoted THREE stories today to Governor Palin's daughter, all of course in an attempt to drag down that tremendously accomplished Vice Presidential candidate.

Meanwhile out there in the real world, Joe Biden met with ranking Israeli officials behind closed doors, and told them they needed to "reconcile" themselves to Tehran going nuke, for the United States doesn't intend, as he termed it, "to open a new military and diplomatic front." He went on then to inform them that the new administration, {id est the Obama/Biden administration} would not allow Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike against Tehran's Manhattan Project. So the United States isn't going to do anything and isn't going to allow the Israelis to do anything.

To say the Israeli delegation was thunderstruck by these disclosures would be an understatement.

So,what's the deal with Jews and Pat?

John, Buchanan's ethnic nationalism has less than desirable implications for racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. See his latest from the most recent issue of the American Conservative. The arch-enemy of paleocons like Buchanan?: defenders of the liberal nation-state (e.g. John McCain...and me).

Well, Pat hearts Palin. I am not sure whether this reflects poorly on him or on Palin.

Buchanan on Palin

I believe that I passed on that Palin supported Buchanan and that may have been a bit of premature paleo exuberance. She may have supported him in '96. I don't know. She did not support him in 2000. In 2000 she supported Steve Forbes, an appalling lack of judgment IMO. :-)

Actually, I question the conservative bona fides of anyone who didn't support Buchanan in '96.

That said, why is where she stands on Israel of any more importance than where she stands on Northern Ireland, for example. Our government should be neutral in the affairs of other nations and friendly as much as possible to all. You know, as that guy George Washington suggested.

What is a paleocon to do in an election such as this one (a question provoked by Larison's commentary in the Culture11 webzine debate over Palin, too)? While Buchanan did indicate that he hearts Palin, he expressed his typical reticence re: McCain on MSNBC today.

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