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Sarah Palin on Hugh Hewitt

I note that Sarah Palin will be appearing on the Hugh Hewitt show in about 15 minutes . . . of course, Hewitt will re-air the interview in the third hour if you miss it.

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I'm sure he'll have a lot of probing, challenging questions for her, to help us get to know her and understand her better. No more of that nonsense like what Killer Katie was slinging at her.

She should go on Rush's show next!

Indeed she should. He has more listeners.

I said weeks ago that she was a poor pick if only because she was completely unknown and unvetted by the national media. Every new revelation churns the news cycle in all the wrong ways for McCain. Even if she is actually competent and is of the highest 'natural aristocracy,' she has been a godsend to stand-up comics. When was the last Biden joke or skit you saw? Palin meanwhile gets crucified for library book bans, various maneuvers she pulled as governor, her academic record, everything. Her web nickname is now "Bible-spice." All of this gets magnified during a crisis. Biden's plagiarism and hair-plugs are such old news that even with fresh leads they just get ignored. Lesson to be learned: pick someone who has already run for president or who has been in the press arena long enough to have already been pilloried. People actually have sympathy for those types - they are perceived as having been stronger because of it.

1: Craig, judging by your previous posts on this site, I don't think you're interested in "knowing and understanding" Palin better. You're just interested in trashing her, if I'm not mistaken. Or rather, in having the handy MSM trash her for you, as they do so much of the liberals' work. If I am mistaken, please correct me. If I'm right, spare us the pious crap about wanting to educate the public about Palin -- or about anyone or anything else.

Great polls out today: Intrades now shows Obama with 30 percent lead over grandpa, Rasmussen's got O up by 6 and RCP shows O with 301. Meanwhile, the repub critters in congress are squealing like crazy that godless librul Pelosi hurt their feelings, Levin and BillO are slugging it out about something and cruisin Hugh is making nice with Our Sarah. Just another day in the freakshow.

Craig: don't mind little David -he gets the "monthlies" now and again, especially when dangerous mooslims are gettin close to the door.

Whew, I can hardly wait for the debate when Our Sarah will show that librul meanie a thing or two!

David, you are mistaken. I would like to get to know and understand Palin better. It's fascinating, regardless of what direction my opinion of her goes in. It's also absurd to blame Couric or whoever for Palin's extended pauses in response to straightforward questions or crying "gotcha media!" to every question that might have an embarrassing answer (especially if its a question that was asked by the friendly public audience at one of their ticketed events).

I know that you don't want me to comment here; you don't want anyone to comment if they have more than the tiniest disagreement with you. And I'm sure you consider everything I write to be "pious crap." I'm sorry to say I won't be able to spare you from more of it, though.

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