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Spengler on Why Obama Will Lose

...He let the lovely Michelle’s anger keep him from choosing victory with Hillary. That tragic error, Spengler predicts, will haunt Barack for the rest of his life. Meanwhle, who would have guessed that the manly McCain would have been realistic enough not to say that I would rather lose an election than pick a woman? (Rasmussen reported last night that Obama has lost most of his double-digit lead among women since Sarah was chosen. One reason often given: The media apply a double standard when judging her.) There’s a lot more great--along with some very questionable--stuff in Spengler’s bold and brilliant article.

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Definitely a brilliant article, one of Spengler's best. I add that Barack's disorientation and lack of manliness began to manifest itself most clearly when he faced a general election electorate that he did not understand or feel in his bones--in but not of America. I don't think Spengler gives enough credit to Sarah herself, perhaps underrating her manliness and prudence--but we'll see.

I suspect that Spengler is onto something with respect to Obama's relationships with women. But this kind of psychologizing is a very speculative business.

Obama is not the superstar Spengler says he is. Hillary Clinton has huge negatives herself and while her selection would have unified the party at the convention there are significant offsetting negatives - specifically, Obama becomes tainted by association with the dysfunctional and corrupt Clintons. Hillary's 18 million votes is largely Reagan Democrats, people who are repelled by Obama and disgusted with Bush Republicanism. Clinton is their default spokesman.

I do not like Mrs. Obama but his wife is his own business unless he talks about making her some kind of co-President.

A really terrific piece but I would take xception on a couple of points. First, it's not immediately obvious that picking Hilary would have been generally interpreted as a sign of strength (though I do agree the Biden pick was uninspired and boring). Given that the hostility and deep resentment between the two camps is so well known picking Hillary would just as likely made him look weak, as if he was succumbing to her bullying insistence. And as many asked in advance, if he can't stand up to Hilary.....? Also, picking her would have also undermined his posture as the altogether new vs the beltway insider. Obama put himself in a position where his VP would almost necessarily dissapoint--an experienced insider makes him look concerned about his own inexperience and someone more bold and youthful would be compounding risk upon risk.Also, Spengler is probably too quick to conflate Obama's undeniable rhetorical skill with real brilliance....

The real problem with picking Hillary is Bill. Obama would have run into innumerable problems trying to contain the Clinton ambition, an almost pathological drive both have, especially Bill. They certainly would have made governing most difficult, although it could be pointed out that winning the election is the horse and governing the cart.

Yea, I read that article a couple days back. It makes for interesting reading.

Ivan the K wrote: "Also, Spengler is probably too quick to conflate Obama's undeniable rhetorical skill with real brilliance...."

I *want* to agree, but must carry the observation further: Spengler is probably too quick to conflate Obama's undeniable rhetorical skill with.....REAL RHETORICAL SKILL. I'll grant that he's facile with words, but that doesn't make for rhetorical skill. Obama's not just an empty suit, he's vapid and vacuous and tendentious and, we know, a liar. To turn his 143 votes in the IL Senate on their head: Obama is not even "Present". He's the "Oakland" candidate for 2008: "There's no there, there." Muy apologies to Gertrude Stein, AGAIN.

McCain definitely has the advantage going to the finish. The race will tighten, and then, I think, break one way or the other pretty hard (so one candidate breaks 300 EV). For now the news is great:
Palin's talent

Crowds and energy swelling

North Carolina! Wasn't Obama going to win this one???

Well, Gary, his particular brand of glib is not my bag but I think he has a certain talent for delivery...but i see what you mean....

the metro-sexual lawler speaks: Meanwhle, who would have guessed that the manly McCain would have been realistic enough not to say that I would rather lose an election than pick a woman?

meanwhile (why have you abandoned your wimpy e.e. cummings imitation, dude?), who would have guessed that the male-challenged lawler would have been realistic enough not to say I would rather lose an election than vote for a guy who supported the iraq war?

gag me, lawler, yer about as phony as they come. :rolleyes:

Finally a writer addresses what I posted earlier:
Don't make Palin into Obama!

Conservatives have been a bit naive and are treating Palin just like liberals treat Obama. Grow up.

So I hesitate to remark on a comment so thoroughly stupid but the "metrosexual" charge actually made me chuckle---clearly made by someone who has never seen Peter's office...I once had the experience of that visual feast and I was immediately filled with a mixture of surprise and friendly concern.....

Ivan: Agreed. Barack could read a Chinese take-out menu in a way that would make his supporters - and the MSM - swoon. I suppose that's some sort of sub-sub-sub species of "rhetorical skill." My old teacher John Senior used to say that "rhetoric is the art of putting the truth in the most persuasive light." Obama fails dismally in meeting the predicate test....while succeeding.....dismally in meeting the latter.
What's particularly dispiriting is wondering whether America is able and willing to elect someone to the presidency who tells us the truth...i.e. what we need to hear, and not merely what we want to hear.

Yeah, I think we're on the same page here too....I was thinking of rhetoric in my original post less in Aristotle's terms and more in Gorgias'.....

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