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Everyone in Washington remembers one remark--and only one remark--from Everett Dirksen: "A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money." After this week it needs to be amended: "A billion here and a billion there. . . is nothing." We’l do it in trillions from now on.

I figure we’re just getting a head start on Obama’s program to socialize the rest of the economy.

By the way, while I’m on a rant, I’ve been puzzling over Michelle Obama’s advice to students a few months back that they not make their careers in corporate America. (Can’t they all just get $300K a year jobs at non-profit hospitals like Michelle?--Ed What do you think?) Just who is going to be left to pay all those high income taxes that Obama needs to fund his new social programs if our talented young people follow Michelle’s advice?

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Just who is going to be left to pay all those high income taxes that Obama needs to fund his new social programs if our talented young people follow Michelle’s advice? Republicans, of course, because Joe Biden tells us that it's our patriotic duty to pay high taxes. So then will Democrats be in the awkward position of accusing fellow Democrats of being less than patriotic?

Umm . . . professor Hayward (it is professor, right?): Don't you think that's sort of a low-blow to Michelle Obama (especially when you, yourself, seem to have favored academia over corporate America)? And don't pretend like there aren't enough messages out there for young Americans to go get crazy-rich. I have a feeling that they understand how Americans evaluate one's success even at their current, albeit early, stage in life.

I would think you would be all for advocating students to pursue something other than just "getting a job" (at least, if you're anything like Schramm). But if a liberal says it (Obama's wife nonetheless!), then it must be a terrible thing to say I suppose.

Incredible. Rather than acknowledging that it's under a Republican administration that the economy is now being socialized, this fellow takes a swipe at Obama. Wake up - there won't be much left to socialize. If anything, things were privatized more under Clinton. You're showing yourself to be nothing more than a partisan hack who's looking to score points more than acknowledge what's happening in plain sight. If socialism really bothered you, you'd lay off the pathetic swipes at Michelle Obama and go apeshit about what happened this week. Obama or McCain will have NO CHOICE but to raise taxes over this, considering the truly and nearly incalculably massive amount of public obligations that have just been accrued. Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. Your beloved Republicans have done more to socialize this economy than FDR ever did. It's time to wake up to the truth that the parties are so deeply in cahoots with Wall Street that neither can afford to reduce the size of government. At this point elections are basically employment programs for one's partisan friends. What divides the parties isn't worth a bucket of spit. What a sham.

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating, you can check out this Bloomberg report that tallies the accumulated debt of this week's actions to amount to upwards of one TRILLION dollars.

Oh, and to Ms. Ponzi - Joe Biden didn't say that REPUBLICANS would be asked to pay more in taxes - he said that the WEALTHY would be. And, he's right, they should be - after all, their fat cat asses were just plucked from the toilet by this huge taxpayer sponsored bailout. Main Street is subsidizing Wall Street - a bit of payback isn't unreasonable.

By the way, if you were suggesting that only wealthy people are Republicans, you might want to tell all those lower and middle class voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania that they're not not in the right tax bracket to vote "R." You people are really something.

RT: Clearly, in my sarcasm, I was operating on Democrat assumptions. I may be something . . . but what it is, is lost on you.

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