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The Word from Wasilla reported in an admirably sympathetic way by an excellent TIME journalist. We learn that our Sarah is more defined by the values of her small town than any other national candidate in anyone’s memory. We also learn that Bristol’s pregnancy is nobody’s damn business (although everyone in town knows about it) and no calamity. Everyone’s still sure she’ll turn out fine.
I’m not sure how the Crunchy Cons are going to respond to Wasillian localism. There girls know how to handle a whole dead moose--not to mention how to get one dead. No need to buy totally organic meat from local butchers who got it from local farmers who raised it in a humane and environmentally friendly way if you know how to go out to the environment and just shoot it yourself.

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I liked the article; I like Palin. I also think it proves my point below that the Palins would be quite overmatched if they actually had to govern.

There is a better chance that Sarah might NOT be overmatched politically, but time will tell.

Wasillian localism seems like a welcome tonic to BoBo rootlessness and might be a terrific compliment to McCain's national greatness platform......she seems like a real person with a real life rather than a career politician intermittently playing one on tv..and Peter makes a good point: often the more fashionable displays of urban virtue (like going organic ) are obviously self-conscious simulacra of what small town folks do all the time less ostentatiously.

LOL. Eat your hearts out, crunchy cons!

There’s a point here that the news media - and certainly the Left - is missing.

Having a child - and having a grandchild - is wonderful news. Sometimes it’s inconvenient - but it’s good news.

This will be Sarah and Todd Palin’s first grandchild. To look at this as a negative would take a very cynical outlook.

Think about having your first grandchild: the news might come at an inconvenient time - but it’s really good news!

Sarah Palin is about to become a grandma - but she's still a bad ass:

Maybe we need more girls who know how to handle a whole dead moose...and how to go get one. AAAAhhhhh...Alaska! Where the road between Palmer and Wasilla is paved with drive-thru coffee huts and gun kidding. Drive it sometime!

Guns and caffeine are a dynamite combination... And metro1, you are right, sir, on both posts.

Palin certainly is an interesting choice, and an interesting woman. I am looking forward to hearing her address the convention, and looking forward to how the Obama campaign handles her.

So far, this is what we know of her:

- she has sound, small town values; she is what we wish we were like, and God protect her from the media!

- she is tough, with God-given common sense to use against the sophisticates in Washington and the Ivy League.

- she lives her faith.

- she is a political maverick, ready to take on her party for the sake of America.

The only thing missing is the news that there are rumors she killed somebody in a duel. We Democrats had better take her seriously.

Steve, Thanks for the great list. And I, for one, am pro-choice on dueling, although that may be too aristocratic for Alaska.

PETER, and there I was thinking that I was the last American on the planet who saw the merits of legalized dueling.

You realize of course we're heretical from the Roman Catholic Church on that one.

Sometimes it’s inconvenient - but it’s good news.

To "modern man", that is the liberal nihilistic left, a child is more than an "inconvenience". A child is suffering itself, in that a child is a burden to both yourself (and your plans) and the planet/humanity as a whole. In a neo-Epicurean metaphysic that leads to a morality that is in essence a simple "pain vs pleasure" calculus, a child in almost all cases (unless it is planned perfectly) is an evil, since evil is whatever causes pain and suffering.

Since life has not intrinsic value and meaning beyond what the self grants itself, your proclamation of "good news" (i.e. a meaning beyond the self) falls on deaf ears...

Do we Democrats really want to attack a female version of Jimmy Stewart and Andy Jackson. Bad idea. Give it a rest!

Many Democrats very badly want to attack Palin, Steve, and they are doing so. It will continue. They cannot control their hatred and arrogance.

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