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Wal-Mart Moms Unite

Bill Kristol thinks they will if the GOP can leave well enough alone and let Sarah be Sarah. What I think is that the GOP won’t be able to stop her and John McCain is smart enough not to try. And this Wal-Mart mom, for one, is delighted to see it.

I also read over the weekend that the creator of the song "Barracuda" (performed by Heart and played at the convention to introduce Gov. Palin) is, like Heart, less than enamored of our Sarah. He doesn’t support the "cease and desist" letter that Heart sent out because he wants to get the royalties and donate them to Barack Obama. I’d really like to see Sarah Palin issue a statement in which she vows to keep using the song and smiles sweetly when she says that she thinks it’s only fair. Barack’s going to need all the help he can get.

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Wal-Mart Moms Unite

The irony . . .

Interesting, all this talk of Wal-Mart and politics, when the big news is Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. That has bigger political implications and probably long-term effect on the country than who's elected President...not to mention that the 3 Detroit automakers are all pushing to Federal support as well.

What I think is that the GOP won’t be able to stop her and John McCain is smart enough not to try.

Clearly you are not very familar with John McCain, who has spent most of his career reflexively bashing people like Sarah Palin. The better to suck up to his pards at the NYT, of course. This is the man (moron?) who attacked assorted state GOP parties for running ads which mentioned Rev. Wright!

John McCain wants to win. I am certain of that now whereas I was in doubt about it 4 months ago (partly because of the things you mention). He may not be my guy straight down the line . . . but he is not a fool. He sees the effect this pick has had on his campaign. He will want to take credit for it and absorb as much of it as he can. He will not try and squash it. Will I be so bold as to predict that he may even learn from it? Stranger things have happened. If he was ever going to learn anything from conservatives like us, Sarah was exactly the sort of gentle and appreciative student/teacher he was going to need.

Agreed Clint.

I'm sure McCain wants to win. I have grave doubts that he wants conservatism to win though. In fact I'm pretty sure that he does not want that. And frankly I don't give a damn whether McCain wins, absent the conservatism.

McCain is over seventy and has spent his career screwing conservatives in DC. It seems far-fetched to imagine that he will have some sort of eleventh-hour road-to-Damascus conversion now.

I think he may, however, see that his winning what he wants is deeply and intimately tied to conservatism winning. And I don't think that he was ever motivated by anything other than what he saw as the path to success for himself and the issues he holds close to his heart. Beyond that, John, John McCain--even if President--is only one man. Are you planning to sit down for him? Do you mean to retreat from the fight? Politics and life will continue as before and conservatives will still have plenty of work to do--but we're likely to have at least one ally in the administration, a natural successor at that, and a strong leg to stand on when it comes down to brass tacks.

Do you mean to retreat from the fight?

Not voting for a liberal is hardly retreating from the fight.

Whether McCain wins or loses, Palin will be the probable leader of the party in 2012. We get that much regardless.

Well . . . that's something. It may be really something.

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