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No Left Turns

We have met the enemy...

And he, says Victor Davis Hanson, is us.

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My question in this seeming historically odd comeabout is who or what strategy will be played -Herbert Hoover or FDR? In other words is Obama staying away from bipartisan solution to solve the problem as FDR did after '32? Or will our leaders be too late to do anything because of the slow trudge to November, larger political strategy, and in the process let us fall into the looming financial abyss?

NRO, the voice of the NeoCon agenda. I have trouble reconciling the fact that this article came from a man who said the family farm was the height of Western Civilization. The better question is why are we letting the tricksters and crooks come up with the solution? What was the Bush quote, fool me can't get fooled twice. So now its time to blame ourselves for being bamboozeled and pay a huge tithe to the people who tricked us. This would be like lionel lanley sticking around in springfield after the failed monorail and charging the citizens huge amounts to fix the faulty product he delivered. That scenerio comes from the simpsons episode Marge vs. the monorail BTW.


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