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You Know that Feeling . . .

. . . when you go to the movies (and these days, one only does that when one really wants to see something) and just when you settle in with your popcorn you begin to wish that the movie you were about to see was not the one you came to watch but one of the ones being previewed in the trailers . . .

Sarah’s speech was a fantastic trailer.

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Nice. Yes.

Happiness is a strong candidate.

Seems many an American wanted to see her last night. Fox News reported they had their 2d highest rating in their 13 years on the air.

The media's determination to ruin her only secured a huge viewing audience for the speech. I can't help but recall that line from Tolkien: "Evil will, will often evil mar."

And now today, Obama, in a dead panic, held an impromptu press conference; and as usual with him, away from the teleprompter, ----------- he was borderline incoherent. Vague complaints, bemoaning besmirchment of his "record," decrying innacurate descriptions of his time as a "community organizer." Just more nonsense from him. How could the Democrats have tossed Hillary under the bus for this poseur.

I said the other day I intended to get to church this afternoon, to say some prayers for the ticket. I didn't make it. Have to try tomorrow. Sarah Palin was an answer to a prayer, that's for sure.

Great Tolkien line. Almost makes me want to try and pick him up again . . . almost.

Tolkien was a master!

That has to go down in the book of Convoluted and Confused Analogies.

A revealing analogy, but more of an alienated consciousness than anything else. One does not go to the movies when one really wants to see something. Movie trailer consciousness is the equivalent of the bat-thinking earlier exhibited on this site. I no longer listen 'to' the Ponzi posts but 'through' them to the meaninglessness of their contemporary cultural markers. The political speech is a pastiche of 'nullitous' phrases and put downs, re-constituted and here applauded in the cut and paste vacuum of the movie trailer. Like the trailer, it is a commercial, but for terrible films trailers betray only what would have been the highlights anyway. It teases into thinking there is more to follow, it betrays plot-lines, or the only funny moments in the comedy. The neutralization of the transcendental imagination comes in the highlight reel mentality of the trailers now shown 'before' films and not 'trailing' them. I would suggest that the Palin speech is a 'trailer' in this sense. The political is now a context of competing fragments, before which fragmented consciousness settles in with its popcorn to watch. In homage to the recently deceased trailer-voice guy, let me add: "in a world" where the imperial horizon of capitalist biopower is revealed outside measure, lies immeasurable distance. The movie trailer previews what is unthinkable: political transcendence descending into tyranny and barbarism by way of electronic screens.

Some homework for Michelle and Stert.

Ya'll don't have to love my posts, but don't give up your day jobs if you plan to get into the business of slinging insults.

"neutralization of the transcendental imagination"? "imperial horizon of capitalist biopower"? Does anyone else want to punch this guy in the mouth?

If you think her RNC speech was good, you should watch her kooky speeches at her church. THOSE are good.

MATT, care to wander into the tortured world of "Reverend" Wright, formerly of islam, now proponent of black supremecism and black liberation theology? Are you sure you want to go there?

As for Governor Palin, her church is within mainstream Protestant theology. If you want to bash her, you're simultaneously bashing Evangelicals, Baptists, et al.

Feel free, knock yourself out.

But Obama isn't going to win an election bashing the various denominations of Protestantism. Not to mention his original defense of "Reverend" Wright can be trotted out and thrown in his face, if he attempts to marginalize Governor Palin solely for the Church she worships in.

Obama is, in Governor Palin's idiom, "a world of hurt;" he can go to his Saul Alinsky playbook in response, a playbood which he knows by heart, ---------------------------------- but that isn't gonna' win him this election.

He's adrift.

Today he trotted out once more his racist accusations. His Ace in the hole, which he pulled out from the bottom of the deck a month ago. But did him little good, for all it did was get the public to look at him in puzzlement and go: "uh, ... what?"

Just today he's saying McCain made an issue of Obama's race at the Convention.

He's adrift and swallowing sea water; he doesn't know what to do for the elections he won were in the corrupt wards of Chicago, and now, beyond the fevered climes of the Democrat primaries, ---------- he doesn't know how to take on McCain and Palin, who have actually showed up and solved problems.

I almost feel bad for him. Almost that is, for then I recall to mind his devotion to the creepy ways of Saul Alinsky.

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