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Ayers, the real issue

Many people have suggested that Senator Obama’s long-term working relationship with William Ayers suggests that Obama is more of a Lefty than he lets on. But it seems to me that, the real scandal is, as the New York Times reminds us, Ayers is not far out of the mainstream of the Education school. That’s why Mayor Daley reports that "he has long consulted Mr. Ayers on school issues."

Such rot as there is in the U.S. today begins largely at school.

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Thankfully for my teeanger, Ayers' rot will never get into his school. My teeanger is homeschooled. He gets the real deal on American history including the fact that people like Castro and Chavez are slime. Again, this is the 968,749th reason we homeschool our teeanger.

Teeanger? Teenanger? Teenager?

This is also a good reason to support the Ashland masters program.

Does your teenager know about Kissinger's Christmas day bombing of Hanoi in 72? I will agree to Palin's linking Obama to terrorism through Ayer if you will to agree to link Ashland faculty to terrorism through Kissinger, who spoke on your campus and has a long association with conservatism. That is the problem with guilt through association, it always come back to haunt you. The moral equivalence is of course in the eyes of those terrified.

What was wrong with Operation Linebacker II?

Pray enlighten us.

This should be good.

Mr. Weaver - I mistyped teenager - typing has never been one of my strong suites. Funny, if one has no good retort to a statement the best way to critize the retort is to go for the spelling and grammar. Juvenile. WT - I had no idea that Henry Kissinger had a pilot's license and flew bombing raids over Hanoi in 1972. I would appreciate any documentation and links to his flying raids for the U.S. Military.

Hey wt, in case you didn't know, they don't celebrate Christmas in Hanoi.

Are you blocking comments from certain ip's now. WTFWTF. Or do you have someone like Kunkel in there reading and approving things before a comment gets posted. This is hilarious, I have posted under other names for a month now and been right about most everything so the retort is to censor me. Someone define Conservatism quick before it includes censorship of ideas. Mabye it always has. If that is you Kunkel reading and approving....come on man, really?

Besides, it wasn't "Kissenger's Christmas day bombing." It was ordered by Nixon himself, on account of the North's backing out of previous assurances regarding end of hostilities.

They made promises to get out of Linebacker I, they then backed away from those promises, which forced Nixon's hand.

If WT wants to blame anybody, he should blame the North, for imperialist policies and trying to conquer the South.

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