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Biden on JOBS

He called it a three-letter word, probably because he’s been lectured about not using the four-letter kind. Where’s the outrage? What if Sarah had said this? Quayle’s POTATOE was genius by comparison.

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I didn't even hear about this till I saw it here. Wow. I can only imagine the SNL skits and media field day that would have occurred had it come from one of our own on the right...HA! double standard. tsk tsk tsk...

That's funny, Peter.

Biden has so often been told that he is full of BS that he thinks BS is one letter. This explains the three letter word comment. Letter 1 - J Letter 2 - O and Letter 3 - BS

What if Sarah had said this?

If Sarah Palin had said this, it would have been prefaced with, "I what 3-letter word REAL Americans in the part of America that Washington forgets about are thinking about these days: JOBS!" Yawn.

Also, double standard? What? How about that vice presidential debate? If I remember correctly, the "liberal" media was predicting a win for Palin as long as she had an average performance...

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