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Our Ivan the K ably defends the proposition that it’s an indispensable part of McCain’s final surge to call attention to how much the Democratic Congress would run amok without experienced presidential restraint. Some experts have been explaining Obama’s surge by a sort of Clinton nostalgia: The last time a smart Democrat was in the White House we had big-time prosperity. But that’s only because he had to deal with a Republican Congress. Clinton’s first two years with the Democratic Congress were a mess.

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The problem is that people aren't looking for inaction. A message built around stopping things from happening can't sell. People want competent, safe change. Obama seems competent and not crazy, and he seems to be major change from the Republicans. A must come before B. Before McCain can convince the public that Obama and the Democrats are unsafe change, he has to convince the public, that he knows what he is talking about, has a comprehensible domestic reform agenda, and the commitment to see it through. McCain has shown not even one of those last three things.

Of course it would have been better if McCain had been able to paint Obama as the Democrat version of the status quo, but its probably too late for that too. So many missed oppurtunities when it comes to domestic policy, but as Peter Lawler wrote below, it was probably always in McCain's character to miss these oppurtunities. The same McCain who was so prescient and brave on the surge is the same McCain who doesn't know, nor care much about the financial meltdown, wage stagnation, or market health care reform. But it is still frustrating.

Pete and Julie,

Did you catch that front page article in the WSJ about "non-profit" hospital systems? I have noticed for at least a year now the WSJ is doing some good reporting about our health system.

There are several things going on in this story, but try to notice how Medicaid plays out in the decisions these systems make...

Christopher, was that today's WSJ? If you're less lazy than me, give a link.

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