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By the way, Peter and I are presently attending the fall regional meeting of the Philadelphia Society in San Antonio (I’m actually president this year), and we’re holding our meeting across the street from the Alamo. Which someone took note of given the current election outlook--conservatives. . . the Alamo. Sounds about right just now.

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No offense, but you have to question whether Peter is a conservative. A moderate perhaps, a GOP man fer sur, but a "conservative"? By what definition? Certainly not by a traditional definition (see: Kirk's principals ). A libertarian would not claim him...

You're kidding. Right?

Not in the least. He appears to be a Republican, not a conservative. The two are not synonymous Just the other day, he suggested someone giving up about 45% of his wealth to the government "was not paying enough". He clearly supported Romney, who is a classical "moderate" Republican.

Perhaps you can suggest just in what way Mr. Lawler is a conservative of one stripe or another...

Might be some confusion here. The "Peter" I was referring to in my original post is Peter Schramm, not Lawler. I should have been more specific--my bad.

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