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Home Schooling . . .

. . . will be a growth industry during a Barack Obama administration, opines Andrew Breitbart.

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I'm guessing home-schooling will be outlawed.

That is one very sure thing, Julie, should the assumed coronation eventuate. And Larry, state laws still govern as long as Yoder is not overturned, as it very well might be by an Obama stacked Court.

I would love to see Obama up against homeschool parents. Go ahead Obama. Let's see you stand up for something, anything. Just take a stand instead of UH UH UH.

Obama might have to take a stand to pay off the support of the NEA and other teacher unions. Home schooling makes public school system look bad and we can't have that. Besides, the whole point of the Bill Ayers-type of education system is that all children are properly indoctrinated - never mind education, which is beside the point - and home schooled and privately schooled children fall outside of that indoctrination. Who cares about the state laws when children are not being "educated" properly? Home schooling will be a growth industry until it can be suppressed or regulated out of existence. When only union teachers are qualified to teach children, home schooling parents will be out of the mainstream and unqualified. That's the way it could go.

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