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Joe Wurzelbacher for President!

The now famous, Joe the Plumber talks not only about what it takes to be prosperous, but also about what it means to be an American. He talks about the kind of pride all Americans ought to have in themselves that propels them to resist efforts to cast them as peasants dependent on a patron and spurn suggestions that they can’t make it on their own. This video and this interview are only a couple of the several I’ve watched or read of this guy and, I’ll tell you . . . he gets it. They are all very, very good. Is it too late to draft this guy? We ought, at least, to invite him to come to our blogger’s talk next week. Joe, if you’re out there, I’d be proud to buy your ticket--not because you need my help but, rather, because you deserve my gratitude.

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I just looked at the Youtube clip of Joe on Good Morning America. The press dumbs down this issue in an amazing way. The issue is not if higher income folks should pay more. They already do, just because thats how math works. The issue that Joe was trying to get to was "why should they pay a higher percentage". So, Joe is a flat-taxer. I'd vote for him. Plus, he looks like a tough guy who would be strong on defense. heh.

Joe the Plumber is a convenient Fox news plant. Never has one man bitched so much over so little increase in the marginal tax rate. He is the lead plumber in Phil Gramm's nation of whiners. So he won't be able to buy a new tackle box for his bass boat - boo hoo. This guy is getting free airtime by the conservatives in a desperate effort to connect to regular folks. I don't think his drain flange is properly connected to his escutcheon.

(reply deleted by poster) never mind. What's the use? *sigh*

Did The Shield get canceled?


Now, THAT was funny!

Yes, apparently, FX channel found that "The Shield" series became too successful, bringing in too much money, and they couldn't afford to pay their taxes.

The actors, directors and producers decided that the most direct path to the American Dream was to run away from success, and pose as plumbers, hoping for 15 minutes of fame on Fox.

There are reports that Joe likes neither plumbing licenses nor existing tax bills.

Joe the Plumber is a convenient Fox news plant.

Then somehow Fox news was able to dupe The Chosen One into walking up to their "plant" and asking him a question.

They then duped The Chosen One into answering like the unrepentent Marxist he is.

Ah, I see that fascist fung is back to grace us with his fucking foolishness.

the unrepentent Marxist he is.

Yeah, I wish. If you think Obama's a Marxist, I'm not surprised you're railing against those elitist, over-educated liberals . . .

Hey John,

Nice alliteration.

I can just imagine the Cheez Doodles crumbs spraying from your mouth all over your grubby keyboard and be-speckled monitor screen.

Your mother must be so proud! Why don't you yell up the basement stairs, and ask her?

Do we really need "f" bombs here . . . even for the sake of alliteration? When you do that, John, you force me to defend the likes of Fung and I really don't like having to do that. Still, it was a pretty good comeback, F.

Thank you, Julie,

Even though we don't respect each other, I have this sneaking sense that we like each other.... or something like that!

Have a nice weekend!

Dittos, Fung.

you force me to defend the likes of Fung

A conservative would take responsibility for her own actions.

Still, it was a pretty good comeback

It was typical fucking fung - displaying all the intellectual weight of the fascist thug he is.

If you think Obama's a Marxist, I'm not surprised you're railing against those elitist, over-educated liberals

If you think he's not a Marxist, I'm not surprised that you imagine yourself to be be a member of the educated elite.

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