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The reports of disharmony within the McCain and Palin camps cause John J. Pitney to offer some good observations about possible motives for revealing this information and some good advice to McCain staffers: Shut up!

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Two things stick out about this rash of leaks among the McCain staff.

1. The leaking staffers have a pretty good idea that McCain is going to lose and want the world to know that it is somebody else's fault. It is basically a way of burnishing their resumes.

2. Those same staffers are disloyal weasels who should never be hired by any other campaign. If they have gripes they should save have shut up about them until after the campaign when they could have done McCain's already slim chances for victory any harm.

Sick the plumbers on the leakers!

The staffers in question are former Bush staffers.

What more needs to be said.

If there were any comments to be made in the McCain/Palin camp, they should have shut their mouths. They're just like the liberal illuminati extremists who don't know when to shut up!

Liberal illuminati extremists? Weren't they an early 80's punk rock group out of New York?

Angie, what's with the repeated posting on several threads of the same lame set of far-right catch phrases? Are the Islamofascists knocking on your front door and the 14th Amendment liberal Marxist terrorist pals coming through the windows?

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