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Liberal Elitist Contempt for Middle America

Does anyone really want to argue that high powered liberal elitists have anything other than utter and complete contempt for middle America? What they did to Sarah Palin, despicable as it was, was one thing. She is a public person and she had to know that she was jumping into a shark-infested pool. All things considered, she held her own. But Joe the Plumber? I have no doubt that he can handle the attacks . . . but why should he? As Jules Crittenden puts it, Joe is just a guy.

On the other hand, I won’t second the counsel Crittenden offers to Joe. Crittenden thinks he should just hold his tongue now and go back to plumbing before he gets caught in a "gotcha." I think I’m more inclined to trust Joe to make that call for himself.

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I think the scrutiny of Joe the Plumber has a lot less to do with liberal elites than with the media beast (both MSM and the "blogosphere") Americans are addicted to.

There are plenty of non-political overnight media crushes whose lives have been destroyed by the eye of the public.

Then I guess it's just a remarkable coincidence that no such media feeding frenzy descends on people like Bomber Bill Ayers.

What this whole fiasco shows is how silly it is for these politicians -- neither is "in touch" with the people -- name drop to make themselves look good. They ought to all think about the consequences of mentioning these common people since they understand the scrutinizing tendencies of the 24-hour news media, which is often bored and lacking in real things to talk about.

If Joe put a dishrag on his head and started yelling "death to America" the left would love him. Hell, they'd probably nominate him for president.

Remember what they did to Richard Jewel.

The so-called high powered liberal illuminati elitists have nothing but contempt for Americans. What they did to Sarah Palin was horrible, but she certainly held up well against them. They looked like fools!

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