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I have no idea how things will go tonight for our Sarah. I’m inclined to agree with the idea that she’s got a case of the jitters, like a pitcher with a blazing fastball and wicked curve brought up quickly from the minors who is roughed up in his first start by a Manny Ramirez line-drive through the box. Reagan had some bad outings in California back in the 1960s when he was first getting started, but he was not on the national scene. I also suspect some of the McCain people, being conventional political consultants, are trying too hard to turn her into Henry Kissinger overnight instead of playing to her strengths, or worse--they may have been slightly jealous of her popularity and wanted to keep her under wraps so McCain could keep the limelight for himself.

My half-case of Palin Syrah wine arrived yesterday. Alas, I’m going to miss the debate altogether, so I’ll have to give my review later on. I suspect it is a "full bodied and tart" wine. Tonight I’m attending the world premier of the documentary film Do As I Say (based on the Peter Schweizer bestseller) because, well, I’m in it--somewhere. (You can hear my voice briefly on the trailer, but no pic. I’m told I get some decent screen time.)

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1. Can you PLEASE cease and desist with the "our Sarah" nonsense? I suppose the primary result of my request will be an increase in usage of the phrase. Yay.

2. Palin's popularity has shall I say it...plummeting as of late.

3. You don't really help to improve Palin's reputation as little more than a "hot Librarian" or "Bible Spice" with your "full bodied and tart" joke. It would be even more amusing for you to combine a wine review (from either your Beltway or your West Coast home) with an attack on some liberal, latte-sipping elitist.

4. I'm thinking that Schweizer's book might have been a bestseller due to various right-wing welfare programs, wherein the book is bought in bulk by think tanks and given away, thus boosting "sales" - note that even the DoAsISay site is giving the book away.

5. I won't bother to even link to the essays, posts and comments here at NLT at this point, but Julie Ponzi has made it clear that hypocrisy (as Lucianne Goldberg's boy sums it up: "Hypocrisy, at the end of the day, is bad. To believe one thing and to do another is dishonest.") is, surprisingly, no problem at all - or at least it hasn't been when the culprits were Ted Haggard, Bill Bennett, Cheney, G.W.Bush, etc. - so the whole point of the book/film probably won't resonate much with audiences who have learned that important lesson.

6. From the Publisher's Weekly review of Schweizer's bestseller:

"...this volume reads less like a critique of liberal philosophy than a catalogue of ammunition for ad hominem bloggers."

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