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Nothing Can Make You Happier

...than reading an essay on HAPPINESS by ME.

And those Brothers Judd say some appreciative things about this essay and ME.

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Dr. Lawler, despite the fact that I will inevitably harm your humility... this essay is why you are the top philosopher in this country and I am honored to be a pupil of yours. Your understanding of concepts on such a deep level highlights the purpose of philosophy and the reason everyone should be a philosopher.

Breathless survey sprinkled with big names and one-sentence treatments of complex ideas. Best served at room temperature to adoring undergraduates on right-wing blogs.

Somethings are true and "too good to be true": "Stertinius" is Xenophon's middle name, I was told when I googled it; we're told (in the wikepedia entry on Xenophon I refer to) that Xenophon "was born on the island of Kos." If humor is, or involves, incongruity, ironic dissonances abound in connection with the latter-day Kossite, especially between Stertinius's daily Kos-like, Kos-light, dismissive, bile-filled, obnoxious posts and the gracefully understated productions of the Greek/Socratic original.

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