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Sarah Palin passes the test

My quick reaction is this. Lawler’s comment below is entirely sensible, although the comment about this not being a "game changer" I question for two reasons: There are two many variables to talk about one thing being a game changer (largely because of the economic conditions and the confusing political realities circling them); second, Palin was perfectly sensible and was able to reveal her disposition toward the questions. In other words, her character was revealed enough so that those who may have started to drift from her will come back. The base that she brought back when she accepted the nomination will come back to McCain now. The fact that she was a bit nervous is not the issue, that is normal. The fact that she was pretty good substantively and gutsy and not as artificial in her manner as expected by some (the over-coaching effect) is entirely to her advantage. She will, again, be seen as the normal--read, more like us, less like the Washington types--person in the campaign which is, especially important for, for example, mid-Western folks. People like her and relate to her. In this sense, she has done good work for the McCain campaign. By the way, I thought that Biden was very good, perhaps the best I have ever seen him. But his running mate is Obama.

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I think PETER L's comments were too "sensible." What I mean is that THE question is how did the electorate relate on an emotional level to Governor Palin. PETER L. was looking at it too cerebrially. And he's entirely too devoted to his blueprint.

Over the last few decades, we've seen again and again where supposedly the candidate who allegedly "won" by scoring points ended up on losing the election.

At its most sublime, politics is far more about poetry than point-scoring.

Governor Palin may, {emphasis on may} have resonated with the American people at a gut level. And if she did that, then the debate indeed was what PETER L. said it wasn't, id est, a "game changer."

We'll see.

She held up her end of the bargain. It will now be up to McCain to hold up his. Peter L. is right. He better be ready to explain--not only why his health care proposal is better--but also why it is more just. He'd better come ready to show why Obama's is both unwise and unjust--and not just offer cliches about choice and government run solutions never working.

I caught snippets here and there (while watching the Cubs lose, badly) and Sarah stomped on energy and DID call out Jobama on taxes and spending. She even held her own with references to Iraq and Iran. I think we're bring too tepid here - just because Biden behaved like a gentleman didn't mean he had good talking points. He came off sounding like a slick, polished and chiding know-it-all. Maybe it's because I prefer to hang out with people like Sarah Palin rather than with the smug, self-righteous egos of Obama and Biden. Personally, I thought "the debate" was too staged, too rehearsed and too polite. Biden needed to be his usual bombastic self and stumble through his notes as he attempted a response and Sarah needed to eat him alive, as she would have done if she had been allowed to cut loose. No - this was the worst possible format for both candidates. It showed us nothing of them or of their running mates. Still, I do give Palin the edge because she was charming and had more energy than Biden. But I wouldn't declare a slam dunk for our Sarah.

Coupled with the badly-timed news of McCain literally conceding Michigan at this point, it shows a reluctance to dig in, something McCain NEEDS to do right now. What happened to the Maverick who wouldn't stop? Right now, he needs to call Michigan staffers and tell them to stay put and keep handing out signs. And he needs to head up to Detroit, no matter what. You have an entire state that now believes the McCain camp does not care about them and it leaves other states wondering if they are next? Bad form...send Sarah to Detroit NOW. And let her tell Michigan that they haven't given up on them. It might be too little, too late but it's worth a try. Or else don't even worry about showing up to the next presidential "debate".

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