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Via Richard Epstein:

Pray tell, what patterned principle dictates that we should have 12% of all mortgages made to low-income borrowers in 1996, 20% in 2000, 22% in 2005 and 28% by 2008?

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The principle is that home ownership is a social good, for which any price is worth paying - except for this one.

More accurately, it's the "moderate socialism" principal.

One that the Dem's endorses fully (indeed it's not enough) and one the GOP supports (being moderate liberal themselves). IF the GOP had really wanted to do something, they of course would have.

Still think the GOP is your party?

How do you argue against the American Dream? America loves the pursuit of property. Private property is understood as essential to liberty. A government for and by the people was bound to come to the place where it did all it could to ensure that anyone who sought private property could gain it. This is Locke and Sidney, understood through the lens of democratic government politics, more than it is Marx.

I don't know that the Republican party is my party, but I still know I am voting for McCain.

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I wonder why you think that, maybe if you thought about it a bit more you would change your mind. Or maybe I am just being a bit egotistical. What does everyone else think.

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