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From the Tax Foundation:

But a new study on inequality by researchers at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris reveals that when it comes to household taxes (income taxes and employee social security contributions) the U.S. "has the most progressive tax system and collects the largest share of taxes from the richest 10% of the population." ... The table also shows that the U.S. collects more household tax revenue from the top 10 percent of households than any other country and extracts the most from that income group relative to their share of the nation’s income.

(H/T Powerline)

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freedom isn't free. We need all those weapons systems.

Do you really want to cite OECD statistics on this blog? It ranks the US embarassingly low in 50 different categories of crime, health, minimum wage, livability, income mobility, productivity, vacation time, time-credits, life expectancy, obesity rates, just about every single category. You don't want those home-schoolers to go snooping around those stats to find america is no longer number one in any major category. Next time just cherry-pick from other bodies of statistics. Besides it is French, so it cannot be correct.

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