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Two Days in the Heartland With a Band of Joes

Two days in small-town western New York remind us who live in big Eastern cities about why we fight, and the footsoldiers who carry on that fight. Despite being New Yorkers, doomed to defeat in the State, they worked enthusiastically on the McCain campaign. I dined with Joe the small businessman (and County Republican chairman), Joe the local radio talk show host, Joe the successful alumnus, and Joe the professor (and local politico). They (and their Joans) are sober, sensible, and active citizens--and all appalled at Obama. Many of their Democratic neighbors seem to be, too, they tell me. There are thousands upon thousands more of their fellow Americans in small towns further south, in Pennsylvania; in West Virginia and Virginia; and west through Ohio (sounds like Ashland, doesn’t it?) and Indiana.

Should McCain win, the victory is theirs, these American Joes, these happy few, this band of brothers.

Whether in victory or defeat, let’s not forget these Americans of the heartland.

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Small-town America has been betrayed time and time again by the liberal, and pseudo-conservative, establishment of the Boston-Washington corridor. On November 4, let's hope they give the Suits a big fat raspberry. They richly deserve one.

Hang out with your Joe's, it is the Juan's and Jose's that will decide this election, much to your dismay.

I agree with ren. The illegal immigrant vote will be important if the Democrats get away with registering them as legitimate voters.

On November 4, let's give Obama and those liberal, illuminati elitists a swift kick in their behinds and let them know they're not going to destroy our country with their liberal agenda.

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