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Jennifer Rubin offers some solid and specific advice for Sarah Palin to use in tonight’s debate. I especially like her second point: "hone in on the dangers of a tax increase during a recession" and do so making good use out of Biden’s claim that paying high taxes is patriotic. She should talk about the high spending proposed by Obama/Biden and ask how that will help our troubled economy. She might also make good use out of the fact that Biden is such a tightwad when it comes to spending his own money on charitable causes. And then, top it off with questions about this story (h/t: Michael Medved’s show). Isn’t it interesting that both of the guys on the Democrat’s Presidential ticket have managed to avoid getting into mortgages that were over their heads even as they managed to get into houses that were beyond their means? Gee . . . I wonder how they did that? They must both be some kind of real-estate geniuses.

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I don't think I've ever looked forward to a debate more than this.

I hope 'ol Joe takes it easy on her, though. It's tempting to sort of taunt her and belittle her (because it's so freaking easy if you lean left), but it'll come across as elitist and arrogant to people who might still change their minds come November. Hopefully Biden can bite his tongue when she talks about abortion, foreign policy, her "experience", how she's some great voice for women, how she's just like everyone else, blah blah blah. It should be a good show.

Maybe he'll shoot out a good one liner about her being a kind of affirmative action candidate for the VP (God knows the Republicans aren't really lacking in strong, Republican women . . . of course - they're not psycho-Jesus-conservative like Palin . . . and that's the base McCain still needs to hold onto) . . . But again, as awesome as that would be, it would be bad politics.

For your sake and mine, Joe, don't screw this up. I know you probably will . . . but I can hope . . .

I just witnessed a tackful slam delivered by Palin on the troops in Iraq, mentioning that Obama voted against funding the troops. It's one of a couple of very good replies to Biden I've seen tonight. She slamdunked it on energy policy AND pointing out Obama's trillion dollar spending plan increase the government in our lives...and that we don't need government to tell us what to do. We need government to get out of our way. After some initial nervousness, she seems to be handling Biden overall and responding well to questions, even the tough ones on foreign policy. It's almost letting Sarah just be Sarah - she does come off so much more genuine than Biden. He looks plastic and pale. We'll see what the pundits say but I still like our Sarah.

It's almost letting Sarah just be Sarah

What does that MEAN?

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