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Wine Review: Palin Syrah!

I cracked open my first bottle of Palin Syrah tonight, to accompany a BBQ grilled, butterflied chicken, Alton Brown-style.

An unusual wine--full bodied in color and texture but at the same time light on the palate. And while dark, it was also quite clear--it has been filtered. I thought it would open up more with some air (like our Sarah), but not much. Not at all tart! But very drinkable and enjoyable. Solid, I’d say. Especially at a mere $12 a bottle. Maybe not a wine to make you wink at the world, but I’d definitely recommend it. Liberal wine snobs will definitely turn their nose up at this wine, just as you’d expect them to. It’s a wine for the rest of us.

NB: There is no vintage year on the label; must be a blend of more than one year’s grapes. Hmmm. . . This could be symbolic, too. A wine for more than one year? I expect so. . .

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A friend of mine said that they named a strain of marijuana "Barack." Apparently it's pretty intense, but also smooth and satisfying. It's a tad on the expensive side too, but hey - it gets the job done and it doesn't hurt anyone. Conservatives across the country are condemning it for giving people a good feeling, relaxing them, and giving them something to do other than work. Not to mention Jesus hates it (and it has a funny, suspicious name).

Was my quasi-symbolic story as silly as yours?

Your quasi-symbolic story was make-believe. Though I gather that for you people, the line between fiction and reality is pretty hazy ....

I had a sip of Syrah the other night. She had the bouquet of a German Moselblumchen, but the twinkle of a hardworking Zinfandel, and that elusive quality that has sommeliers talking of gunflint and leathers. I found her witty, tannic, not too mineraly, but over-coached. I would not list her among my oeneo-obsessions, but her meritage twinkled like a Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes 2001.

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