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Yuval on Biden’s Self-Confidence

Just about every time Joe sounded really sure of himself, he was saying something that just isn’t true. That’s not an insignificant talent, and one Sarah still needs to acquire. Levin is especially concerned about the truth about McCain’s portable, affordable, and sustainable health-care plan. Sarah, of course, didn’t saything really to counter Biden’s mischaracterization. I think that’s in part because some decision had been made not to make a big deal out of any real change in our anxious times. But Mac needs to get Yuval on board before the next debate--or at least he needs to get this article in the highest priority part of his briefing book.

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Yuval or no Yuval, I don't think McCain can introduce the basics of his plan to a national audience in two minutes without Obama turning it menacing. The time to introduce his plan was August/September (preferably in his convention speech. If the public were already generally familiar with the plan, the kind of attack launched by Biden would be much less effective. McCain failed to invest time in explaining his domestic policy agenda and now is paying the price. Maybe he can get out a spectacularly clear and powerful explanation of the benefits of his plan in two minutes, but he has given us no reason to think that he can. My pessimism grows daily.

Couldn't McCain pour it out now? Make it a campaign ad or major speech, or something? Wouldn't it be interesting and different, a substantive political ad campaign?

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