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Are We Ready for an EMP Attack?

In today’s Wall Street Journal Brian Kennedy walks through the one of the most (if not the most) significant strategic threat against the United States in the coming years and what we’re NOT doing to protect ourselves against it.   

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For years I have wanted to construct my own directed EMP device for my car. That way, when one of those low-liefs with the 10,000 watt subwoofer pulls up next to me, I can simply shut down his entire electrical system (including his ignition system).

I found several web sites describing how to do it, but it takes $money$ as well as more knowledge of basic electronics than I have.

It has been a well known fact that a nuclear exchange with Russia would have started out by both sides exploding a nuclear device in space over each country for the EMP effects. Your first clue that a nuclear war has started will probably be the fact that all electronic devices, including your car, will suddenly no longer work.

I take the Journal and will read the article, but I have my doubts that a significant EMP threat is a major problem, separate from a nuclear capability...

We probably won't protect ourselves against it, because the liberal illuminati are not for funding our troops, and they're for shaking hands with the bad guys, like that will work.

I advocate the reinstitution of duck and cover. While there is little practicle use of this technique it can be very effective in bringing the war home to Americans. That way every child will understand that they are one second from away from death, and any dissent or complaining about things like rights and human dignity is like firing an AK47 into a nursery.

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