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Brooks on the new administration

I know folks are starting to talk (including here at NLT) about both the makeup of the new administration and how Obama is going about it and I am willing to note, along with Hayward, that the far left is getting antsy, but before anything else is said on the subject, this David Brooks column is a must-read. I started laughing at the end of the third paragraph and couldn’t stop.

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I know sarcasm is hard to convey over the print media, but this is a joke right?

Obama is being lauded for his cabinet picks by too many people who should know better.

Can't we all see the hypocrisy in these cabinet picks. They are all Washington insiders. There is no change so far in the Obama pre-presidency.

I think it just is what it is, Matt. Pointing out hypocrisy is fine as far as it goes. But in itself it isn't an argument. Does acknowledging hypocrisy in Obama mean that the virtues (such as they are) of these picks should be ignored? Because, certainly, they should not be underestimated. Sizing up the virtues of an opponent is a good way to get a feel for what is likely, also, to be his vice.

Julie - Wha'???

Thanks for the article it was a fun read. But I wonder if the amazing resurrection of the Clinton team (by re-arranging the Titanic deck chairs) into new cabinet posts isn't giving the new O administration lots of potential scapegoats for O as he blames others for his failures as he trys to bring more insitutionalized socialism to American life.

New, the only thing new about this left-wing illuminati administration is Obama and Biden, everything else is Clinton's.

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