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Bush and Security Until January 20. A Lesson from Lincoln

From media accounts, you wouldn’t know that Barack Obama is not president quite yet. There’s another guy holding down the office until 20 January, 2009. I suggest here that the current president should continue to pursue victory against our adversaries until that date. I argue that President Bush can learn a lesson from Lincoln, who in the dark days of summer, 1864, believed he would not be re-elected but nonetheless continued to pursue his goal without concerning himself with "tying the hands" of his successor.

Of course the electoral landscape was changed with Sherman’s capture of Atlanta in September and Sheridan’s rout of Jubal Early at Cedar Creek in October.

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rout not route (curse of the spell checker)

I would also argue that the Battle of the Monocacy near Frederick, Md., on 9 July 1864 was a factor.

Had Jubal Early not been held up and thrown off schedule a full day by that fight--in which a pickup force of Union troops rushed from the Baltimore and Washington garrisons stood their ground amazingly well--Early might well have seized Washington.

Of course he would eventually have been dislodged, but the massive psychological and propaganda effect of such a coup cannot be discounted, and might well have cost Lincoln the election.

At any rate, it's one of history's interesting "what ifs."

Too late in the game to prop this up. Even the lincolnist Lincoln quote cannot help. You conservatives quoting the founders and Lincoln are like the fake Greek columns of the nazis (and Obama). They reveal more of an instability within your fascination with history. The germans painted the wooden columns to look like marble to claim the authority of the past, but it only betrayed the anxiety of their failures. Keep quoting Lincoln. The crappy paint has long since flaked off.

Apparently the administration is in fact relentlessly pursuing Osama and his buddies all over the caves between Pak and Afghan. We have struck down a number of important terror leaders. Bush surely would love to leave office carrying the head of Osama with him, and everything I see tells me he is hard at work at it.

In addition, since the election our current President is pushing through important "conscience" regulations regarding recipient institutions of HHS grants and is also promoting new energy development through EOs and regs. Maybe no one told the NY Times but Bush very much knows that he can do a lot in the remaining months before the Americans lose the White House.

before the Americans lose the White House.

Ugh. Come on, now . . . Ignorance, arrogance, or both? I wonder . . .

The left-wing illuminati made Bush look worse than what he was, mainly because they didn't want to admit to the blame that they too share.

Stop tarnishing Lincoln with this crap. Left-wing illuminati? Please, if such thing does exist, then both sides are in it. Bush was a bonesman for pete's sake. I think America has become a little appethetic towards the ongoing hunt for Osama, most of them are thinking its like O.J. looking for the real killer. Mabye the government should explain that Osama is a CIA asset that was trained by the United States years ago when Russia was invading Afganistan. Then they could at least picture it as a sort of decade long James Bond flick full of near misses and deadly escapes.

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