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Chris Matthews Comes Out

I actually don’t find these remarks from Chris Matthews any more offensive than they are revealing. Really, Chris? It’s your job to do everything within your power to make the Obama presidency a success? I never would have guessed it! Just as long we’re clear about your being a tool, I have no problem at all with your being one. I am in favor of all of the tools coming out of the shed.

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My goodness, but this is a hate and resentment fueled little web page, isn't it? I've spent time with the right and this is perhaps the most unpalatable place I've found so far. Not one iota of grace here.

Looks like the tools are coming out of the shed, indeed.

Sry but this is laughable.
I wanna read over here ...

I am in favor of all of the tools coming out of the shed.

Even the ones that pretend to be "fair and balanced"?

For being such a tool he certainly has given a lot of airtime to Ann Coulter.

I don't like this Mr. Matthews. He is more of a talking head pundit than a journalist. I don't expect objectivity from him, just as I don't from Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, or Lou Dobbs. My guess is that when Glenn Beck spoke at Ashbrook he was introduced as a journalist of some sort. He, like Mr. Matthews is a joke. The only difference is that he has said he will work to help Obama, where Rush Limbaugh & Co. "carried water" for Bush and the GOP.

where Rush Limbaugh & Co....{including Ann Coulter}

...Are all very honest about who and what they do. Matthews and the rest of the MSM are fundamentally dishonest about who and what they do.

To the lefties that posted here, why not be honest and simply claim the MSM as your own?

Chris Matthews and the MSM have done more damage to the 1st Amendment by their behavior in this campaign. They failed to do their job, the job they alway prance out when people criticize them when they go out and dig dirt on conservatives, like they did re: Palin and McCain.

And if I hear any nonsense about they are only ballancing for Rush and FOX, I am going ask, are they so GODLIKE AND POWERFUL that your vast range of media sources has to be so helped so BALLANCE is returned. I suspect the definition of BALLANCE is where conservative voices are just not there or are silenced.. that is what BALLANCE really means.

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