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So, I’m out in California at the moment (I got to run on the beach today with my shirt off--not to show off--heavens, no--but because it was that warm), where as everyone knows the place is burning up. Must be the wrath of God for approving gay marriage.

Oh, wait. . .

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It seems to be everywhere. I woke up this morning assuring my mother that it was a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky and that we were far away even from the smoke . . . my daughter and I even went out for a nice brisk walk and breakfast. After our walk I spent the next several hours working on some projects indoors. When I looked outside it looked like a bomb went off to the south of us!

Steven, as long as you didn't look like Dudley Moore running toward Bo Derek in "10", you go for it. Friends of mine in Yosemite earlier in the summer were 25 miles from the firelines yet the media made it sound as if all of the Valley was on fire. Can't they get anything right?

Anyone else notice the repressed homoeroticism of Haywood's post? California is burning with sin, yet he feels liberated enough to take his shirt off. Cavorting during God's wrath is not the 'end-times' narrative I am used to from the conservative evangelicals. Usually they revel in people's bodies exploding.

Good to see that someone still falls for the bait hook, line and sinker.

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