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Churchill liked to say that. Today Bill Kristol taunts liberals with the prospect of a slim McCain victory, showing that we can be jaunty and cheerful even in the face of prospective defeat. I have no doubt that if McCain upsets Obama tomorrow, the sound of liberal heads exploding will be deafening.

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OK, but are we ready for McCain to win the electoral but lose the popular? (As some bloggers say would be McCain's best hope.) It was hard enough on the country when it was an insufferable windbag like Gore, but how would people react when it is Obama?

I only want McCain to win if he can win the popular vote, preferably convincingly. My best hope scenario that seems within the realm of possibility seems to be a razor thin Obama victory.

Kristol will go down in history as a cheerleading neo-con parroting Bush administration talking points as news commentary. He was wrong about everything on Iraq, how 'easy' it would be, the WMD, his falsely citing polls during his 'commentaries' are now legendary; his dream of a new american century has ironically created the opposite. Like Bush himself, he has paid no price for his sins, did not serve, sent no daughters to war, paid no higher taxes. And the people who listened to him the most are (literally) dead. His taunting is truly psychopathic.

The problem with a thin Obama win will be the very well founded suspicion that he (or ACORN) stole the election with fraudulent votes. If Obama wins, much better that it be beyond the margin of fraud. Otherwise our side will seethe like the left has the last eight years. But yes, if McCain loses the popular but wins the EC, it is going to be very hard going for the country.

Obama supporters have already started setting off bombs in Baghdad.,2933,446184,00.html

I think there are a lot of folks like "Ren" out there who despise the Bush regime so much that they would even welcome a McCain slim victory, or at least be ok with it. The pressure on McCain to be anti-Bush would be great, plus the huge problems he faces, not to mention the democratic congress, would keep him in line. A McCain victory would ease, but not cure, Bush derangement syndrome.

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