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Life’s a Campaign?

Senator Obama’s political experience is in community organizing and campaigning. And his other main experience is teaching law. He once said that his experiece running his campaign is his executive experience. Will he run the White House as a perpetual camaign?. Perhaps he means to appear professorial while leaving the dirty work to others. He is quite a politician.

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Fed money via HUD, HHS, Labor, etc. to community groups, who are footsoldiers of his permanent campaign/perpetual revolution.

I thought it was conventional wisdom that the Bush administration first brought forward the idea of the presidency as constant campaign?

What the right needs to do right now is to get some right wing lawyers to go pro-bono and get several hundred people who lost money in their Bank Stocks (going out of business, etc.) because of bad loans that were supposed to be guaranteed by Fanny Mae. That via the tort law there can be a popular public prosecution of the democrats and the congress that can be a thorn on the democratic congressional regime. The public is angry over this, and we all know who the guilty parties, so this is a possible big win win. It should have been the theme of the McCain camp for god knows why they opted to blame Wall Street and not CONGRESS for this.

Also lets these groups are nothing more than the new version of the KKK without the message. But we need to recall that the democratic party was reborn via the KKK and they rely on actors on the lowest level to thug and enforce their will on local actors. From the KKK to the Unions, now ACORN. Terror and intimidation SOP. One will say that at least doesn't lynch people, and while that is true, todays society is much more whimpy and weakwilled than those back then, so who needs lynching when mere intimidation and scare tactics work just as well. Why not educate citizens about the nature of ACORN et al, and their tactics. Go video tape them, get in their face. We need to get our people ready to go confront them. They get their way because other groups do not confront them and force them off the stage.

Why is it that only Fanny Mae gets the blame? What about the Do-Nothing-Congress and their liberal illuminatis who were behind this debacle. They got their way because we didn't confront them and now look at the mess we're in. I hope we're not as complacent with this administration as we have been in the past.

What is a "liberal illuminati," and why do you mention it in every post, Angie?

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