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Obama supposedly is against reviving the "fairness doctrine" (better known as the "Hush Rush Rule"). He’d better tell that to Pelosi and Thin Reid. Meanwhile, one observer says blacks and liberals better be prepared to be disappointed:

African Americans -- and a lot of other people -- better hunker down for some disappointment. Their hero is already getting fitted for the economic and political straitjacket he’ll wear for the next four years. The Middle East wars will rage on and that shiny piggy bank known as the U.S. Treasury will be busted. As black folks always say, when they let us take over, you know things are pretty dire.

I’m not making any predictions. McCain has to flip Pennsylvania--period. Obama was crushed in PA in the primary, but the general is a different matter. His recently revealed comment about "bankrupting the coal industry" might help, except the coal belt of PA is out west, where McCain is already strong. Philadelphia probably doesn’t care, but should, given the continuing slow decline of the Pennsylvania economy.

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If Pelosi and Reid (or the protean presidential heir-apparent) raise the fairness doctrine as a bill, rather than as a feudal decree by Duke FCC of Airwaveland, then conservatives are at least in the game.

When liberal politicians are compelled to defend the policy openly, Constitution-minded politicians (and radio-listening citizens) can quote Reagan's veto of a previous attempt to legislate it.

If the article about the potential disappointment among liberals (especially young liberals) and blacks is correct, the turning point and moment of greatest opportunity for conservatives will be precisely when that disappointment begins to crystallize and make itself heard. That's what conservatives need to spend the next several months preparing for and working toward. As many of us here have argued for months (or is it years?), conservatives will go nowhere in this country if they don't learn how to make inroads among the young and with minorities. This doesn't mean kowtowing and pandering. It means political persuasion of the highest sort. Time to get to work.

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