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Obama only got 52% with all his advantages. I have to admit that confirms the hypothesis that McCain would have won absent the economic meltdown and bailout, which is not something I would have said prior to reviewing the result this morning. And the Senate results are better than we deserve--It looks like Coleman hung on, Kennedy almost won in LA, Oregon is up in the air, McConnell won with some room to spare, and the CONVICTED CRIMINAL won in Alaska! Chambliss may still have a runoff in GA, contrary to the initial computer projections.

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The voters rejected Bush. They rejected his economic policies. They rejected big-spending, vote-buying, corrupt Republicanism. Possibly they rejected his foreign policy leadership.

One thing is certain, they did not reject the agenda of social conservatives.

We can and should mount a full-court press on these issues. On the high visibility issues, Obama can be counted on to back off.

Palin was the difference maker, especially when the economic collapse hit. Romney would have won more independents.

In the context of recent Presidential elections, this is a landslide. 64% of registered voters cast a ballot in this election compared to 56% in '04 and approximately 50% in previous elections. 63.4 million Americans cast their vote for Obama/Biden. 1.4 million more than for President Bush in '04 that he claimed gave him a "mandate" with "political capital" to spend.

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