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...have the election pretty close. And if you click on the link, you’ll see that these guys have been pretty close to exactly right in recent elections. So go to RCP and be edified that the very last studies aren’t so terrible.

I have no cute voting story. I walked right into my precinct at about 845am, chatted with the nice ladies, voted electronically, and left by 9am. No wait for me. My precinct--basically working-class white--will go heavily for McCain, as far as I know. So what’s convenient for me may not be such great news overall. But of course I’m not sure.

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Well . . . I have mixed news. I live in a town and a district that will certainly sweep Republican. My husband tried to go and vote this morning but had to come home because the lines were out the door. He will try again with an early lunch. (Bad news here: I have to make him lunch.) I will probably go to the polls sometime before I pick up the kids from school--so around 2 p.m. and I don't expect the lines to be long then. If they are, that will be interesting. Bad news overall: my heavily Republican district is in California. Good for our down-ticket but not of any help to McCain unless it indicates a trend that carries over to battleground states.

The plural of slanted polls is not data. The idea that Republicans won't show up today has become received wisdom, but while it was true in 2006, this is a very different election. The line here in deep red Oklahoma (where there are almost no races of interest) was out the door and over an hour long this morning.

I'm (guardly) optimistic that we'll see exploding heads tonight.

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