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It is being reported that Hillary Clinton will accept the offer to be Secretary of State, and Timothy J. Geithner is said to be Obama�s choice for Treasury, to be announced formally on Monday. Ret. Marine Gen. Jim Jones will become the national security advisor. Arguably, all three choices, are much better than some would have thought possible just a few weeks ago. Interesting.

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Larry Kudlow's opinion on Geithner: "He is highly regarded by those who worked with him as a very smart, sharp, and insightful player. He has developed a strong working knowledge of markets and the economy as a central figure in the dramatic events of the past couple of years.

Presumably, as a former deputy to Rubin and Summers, Geithner shares their policy views on free-trade and a strong dollar. While it is too soon to know how trade and the dollar will play out in the Obama administration, it is likely that Geithner would represent a free-trade and strong-currency position."

On the down, definitely down, side: Geithner is also said to be close to Bernanke. All of his credentials tell me that he is cut from the same monetarist cloth as the crowd of know-nothings now trashing the US economy, and so he can offer nothing that will constructively address the present crisis.

Let me know, please, when President O chooses someone who has ever heard of the expression "stable money" and I'll let you know that we are on the way to getting over the monetarist catastrophe we are now suffering from.

I agree that the choices seem thoughtful and expert, and certainly the Rubin, Summers wing of Democratic economic thinkers is the most sensible.

In 2002 he left the Treasury to join the Council on Foreign Relations as a Senior Fellow in the International Economics department.[citation needed] At the International Monetary Fund he was director of the Policy Development and Review Department (2001-2003).[3]
Right from Wiki, lol, The CFR must have more talent stockpiled than USC and Florida combined. At least it did not say on the board of directors at Goldman Sachs on his bio.

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