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Headline: Anti-War Groups Fear Barack Obama May Create Hawkish Cabinet. The lede:

Antiwar groups and other liberal activists are increasingly concerned at signs that Barack Obama’s national security team will be dominated by appointees who favored the Iraq invasion and hold hawkish views on other important foreign policy issues.

UPDATE: The honeymoon is over.

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When the American people vote for change, the whole world had better change. Elect Obama and we will have peace. Let's get on with that program! If America leads the way, all will follow. Of course. Why do we want all of those "pragmatists" around when we were promised idealism?

Next question: those guys are hawks? I suppose that in the natural world there are hawks of all sizes. Out here, in the hinterlands, we see Red-Shouldered Hawks who are big and really fierce. We have Sparrowhawks, too. They are about the size of robins. They are fiercer than robins, or than sparrows, which they tend to eat. In photographs these birds might look about the same. In person, or rather in bird, they are quite different. When a red-shouldered hawk is watching my bird feeders, I call the cat in.

Anyway, as I said the other day, considering the other names passed around, Hillary Clinton's looks pretty good. I would rather have a sparrowhawk in the State Department than a sparrow.

Congratulations on making a prediction as tough to call as, say, Bill O'Reilly getting upset within the next 48 hours. A somewhat deeper, more honest analysis of the progressive/liberal disappointment with Obama can be found here.

Was that deep?

I do not think "it's their own delusions" that made the further Left of the Democratic Party think something other than what is happening in the Obama Administration was going to happen. I think they listened to what he said and believed him. I also think he HAS to choose the types of people has, because they can pass muster, because they have a clue how the machinery of government works, and because he has a lot of payback to do for support by the those "leaders" in the party during the election.

But, really, predictable? Probably: any conservative who watched the first Reagan team put in place knew a similar dismay.

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