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What’s this? Charlie Wrangel saying he wants to cut the corporate income tax rate to 28 percent? When McCain proposed this, Obama called it a giveaway to ExxonMobil. It makes good sense, of course.

If this story has legs on Sunday and Monday morning, watch for the stock market to rally. Which Obama really needs.

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Well, okay, so my spelling sucks when I blog. I plead guilty.

I thought it was a play on his name and temperament.

Is it true that Rangel's district includes some of the wealthiest people in America? Next question: does a Democrat have to approach 80 years old before he forgets the foolishness of his youth? We should send this to Charlie.

But, but, but, I thought DEMOs talk us big corporations were EVIL!!

Well, wouldn't it be hilarious if the Democrats in power start doing what our limp-wristed Republican party won't do.

Of course, it's Wrangel's, so who knows how serious it is. But I'll take a good idea from any horses ass.

Oops -- Rangel (I did it too)

no it's only a giveaway if, like McC, you want to reduce the rate to 25%

See? I think it suits him.

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