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Baghdad Al?

I’ve argued for a long while, to gasps of outrage and disbelief, that President Al Gore would have invaded Iraq, too, had the chads swung the other way in Florida 2000. This new study agrees.

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Yes, but this was easier to argue back when WMD's in Iraq was something "everyone knew" was true. I do not know that I believe the last paragraphs of that article are true, though. It seems wishful thinking to say that what we now believe would have been better is what would have been done by Gore. I know the point being made that which general was listened to made all the difference. But the politics of the time, with a fiercely divided nation, red and blue style, might have forced the same errors of judgment. I think if Gore had been all that popular with Democrats, he would have been their candidate by acclaim in the next election. I think they did not adore him. He would have had a bad time, been compared to LBJ, it would have been nasty.

Not a prayer Steve.

Gore hadn't the manhood to unleash on Iraq, not unless he was well and truly forced to do so, by some evidence linking not just Al Qaeda to Saddam, {which exists} but additional evidence directly linking Saddam to the satanic attacks of 9/11.

Neocons: History is on the verge of condemning us to oblivion for our stupidity, so we better come up with a story about how Al Gore would have done the same thing we did!


You could start by reading the paper. It's 38 pages, and not all in english, so, I know it'd be tough to hold your attention. But, if'n you did, you'd see that the author is neither a "neocon" nor a W luver. All this guy is saying is that Bush made decisions based on info of the day. Same as Gore woulda done.

My take: Gore woulda done it with guys like Wesley Clarke running the show. Yikes. Talk about unneccessary loss of life.

I think Donald Duck would have invaded as well. The president is a powerless figurehead rolled in front of the public to be sacrificed when needed. I am trying to understand all the doublethink. Here goes: the intell was wrong. The trillion dollar intelligence community made a mistake. That mistake resulted in record oil profits.................. These three are not connected?, it was an honest error. How do you think there are weapons when their are not weapons. Were the weapons metaphysical? Where they on a timeshare program of wmd's? Did they paint a barn to look like a missle silo? Did they write anthrax on a bottle of advil? Who are the people running intel? Did they watch true lies the night before and get confused? Why do so few people wonder about this?

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