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Happy New Year!

Well, it’s about impossible to write deep thoughts about the American significance of New Year, as you can about Thanksgiving and Christmas and even Festivus. New Year’s Day is surely the anticlimatic end of the Holiday Season. And only the most traditional of Christians (who can wait until Epiphany--January 6) can avoid, at least without guilt, the tedious task of putting away all the tangible reminders of Christmas cheer.

Here are the cautious and often witty predictions for 2009 from the NATIONAL REVIEW people, including our own Steve Hayward.

Among the predictions: Obams will disappoint the Greens, the gays (well, he already has), the feminists (because the Freedom of Choice Act will not become law), and even the early-education activists (who’ll think their scheme is underfunded).

If he also disappoints those who hope for a quick, new, and improved New Deal, Steve predicts, the stock market may well surge well before year’s end. If it does, I’m getting the heck out for good (so that I might retire in my lifetime).

If Obama manages to do all this disappointing, he’ll probably be our most popular president ever. The disappointed, of course, have nowhere to go but him, and everyone else will be surprised and reassured by his cold-hearted prudence.

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I've had the tree up past the feast of the Presenation, {February 2d}. I don't get yanking the tree down prior to the Baptism of Christ, which is mid January. And one needn't be a "traditional" Christian to keep the tree up to at least the Epiphany. The visitation of the three wise men is included within most Nativity scenes. Truncating the holiday prior to their arrival has to be deemed at the least, bad form.

And Peter, your little run down of issues that typical Lefties are apt to get excited about overlooked the foreign sphere.

If the United States is challenged as it was challenged during the Bush years, {or even the Clinton tenure} and if Obama's response is one of paralysis, based on "allied" considerations, multi-culturalism or moral relativism, or because all of the above, ----- then his popularity will tank.

Biden said, no, he promised that Obama is going to be challenged early, and that his response will have the appearance of weakness. And then he went on to say that even Obama's most fervent of followers will be eaten away by doubt in the false messiah.

If Obama thinks that problems can be dodged by forwarding them to the UNSC for resolution, how long do you think before the American people get wise to him.

Or then again, what if he actually tries to go through with the tremendous idiocy of "cap-and-trade." If he tries to make good on even a portion of that whacked out green agenda, then the economy will enter a death spiral.

And regardless of how much the msm is wholly in the tank for him, there's no way his numbers can be sustained if the foremost economy on the face of the earth enters a nosedive.

Happy New Year to you too, Mr. Lawler.

My prediction for the new year is No Left Turns will continue the steady, downward spiral into boring and irrelevant discourse that it started about 10 months ago.

Western leaders will continue to talk of the mysterious "New World Order." American soverignty will continue to be eroded without fanfare. The economy will continue to go down as no one can come up with a reason as to why it will grow or rebound outside of hunches and suspicions. Liberty will be sacrificed in the name of security. Free speech will be quelched when someone questions 911 or something. The military will have a growing presence on American streets. The proles will watch the super bowl with great vigor. The defense budget will grow. Innocent People will die all over the world at the hands of Intelligence assets. "Drowning" polar bears will shown on six oclock news. The Carlyle group will rake in profits from the misery of others. The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer. The founding fathers will roll over in their graves. I will become even more jaded.

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